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Posted: 2nd September 2002
Photography and Long

I have discovered photography. Now I can kill myself. I have nothing else to learn.

-- Pablo Picasso

Photography is my passion, a labour of love if you may. Its taken me to places beyond my wildest imagination. Taken me through the many wonders of life - pure and raw - all at once. Long may it continue.

-- Anonymous Author

Photography has consumed copious amounts of my time, say, 14 years worth? Perpetually creates this giant sucking sound in my wallet. Caused me endless heartache in my relationships with women. Long may it continue...

... Long, pun intended


Posted: 2 September 2002
Site is Up and Running!

Finally got most of the bugs in the website ironed out so its working well now.

With the amount of time and effort invested in developing this PHP and database driven content management system, updates and enhancements will be faster and more timely in future.

Through regular updates, I hope to make this site a really dynamic one.

In the meantime, do enjoy what I have shared here.


Posted: 16 August 2002

First & foremost, welcome! As this site is still under major construction, kindly bear with me.

Warmest Regards,



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